Facebook Photos Q&A

George Ticknor

Q: Do I have to be a member of Facebook to see the Ticknor Past Events photos?

A: No. Anyone can view the photo albums. Membership is only required if you want to post a comment about a photo. If you don't log in, Facebook may prompt you from time to time to log on or become a member, but you can click "not now." Facebook cannot gather personal data about you if you don't log in.

Q: I can't find the Past Events photos on Facebook. Where are they?

A: When you go to our Facebook photos (here), if you don't immediately see photos on the screen, look at the menu on the left side and be sure "Photos" is highlighted. You should then see "Albums" in the center of the page, and "All Photos" beneath it. You'll usually see four albums on screen by default, but if you click on "See All" (to the right of "Albums"), you'll see all of our albums. Click on any of the albums to see the photos and their captions. After you click or tap on a photo, arrows will appear on the left and right of the image to help you navigate. You'll sometimes see "See more" below groups of photos or albums. Click to reveal more albums or images.

Q: How do I get back to the Albums from the individual photos?

A: Just click the small icon at the top right, labeled "The Ticknor Society." Highlight "Photos" again in the menu at the left if needed. Sometimes the "Albums" icon will expand to "Albums > album caption". If so, click on "Albums" to go back to the list of Albums.

If you still have questions or problems, feel free to email us HERE