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RESCHEDULED! A Field Trip to the New Bedford Whaling Museum and Library. More rescheduling informaton will be available later.

WE ARE POSTPONING THIS EVENT! This is a great opportunity to visit one of the best museums in New England. Ticknor Society members were to meet for a special tour of highlights in the Grimshaw-Gudewicz Reading Room and Archives and the storage area guided by librarian, Mark Procknik. In the afternoon, a docent led tour of the museum will be available for those interested.

The New Bedford Whaling Museum has been collecting historic artifacts, documents, books, and photographs for over 110 years, it is not surprising that our collections today are large and diverse, comprised of approximately ¾ million items. While owning the world's most comprehensive collection of art, artifacts and original documents of whaling history the Museum also collects broadly in maritime and local history. Collections include objects across a broad range of categories: fine and decorative art, folk art, photography, domestic artifacts, artifacts that represent the history of technology and industry, books, manuscripts, maps and charts, ethnographic materials, clothing and textiles, and extensive personal, business, and financial records. This is a very diverse and rich social history collection.

RESCHEDULED! "Anna Ticknor and the Society to Encourage Studies at Home," with Marie Oedel and Cheryl Mariolis

WE ARE POSTPONING THIS EVENT! Join Marie Oedel and Cheryl Mariolis as they once again talk about Anna Eliot Ticknor and her Society to Encourage Studies at Home, hosted by the Jamaica Plain Historical Society during Women's History month.

For those who have not attended the prior lectures, Anna founded the first correspondence school in America in 1873. For $2.00 a year, anywhere there was mail delivery, any woman over 17 could take 1 of 39 courses by exchanging letters with a female teacher in the Boston area. If you were unable to buy the course materials needed, they would be sent to you from the library Anna established. Marie and Cheryl will share new images and information of how Anna learned about a similar society in England, how she adapted it to the needs of American women, and additional examples of women's lives who were changed as a result of participating in the Society.

Devoted Catholic and Determined Writer: Louise Imogen Guiney in Boston


Louise Imogen Guiney (1861-1920), one of only two women represented in Bapst Library’s stained-glass portraits of American authors, may have faded from the canon, yet she continues to offer a unique window into the multifaceted literary establishment of late 19th-century Boston. Guiney’s father was an officer in the “Fighting Ninth” Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry regiment, an Irish heritage unit that engaged in crucial Civil War battles. Active in law, politics, and Irish and Catholic organizations, he developed influential connections that aided his widow and only daughter following his early death from war-related injuries in 1877. By then, Boston had become a major hub for education, publishing, and the arts, and Guiney benefited from her father’s network. But it was her own drive to write—first, poetry, and later, short stories and biographical essays—that earned her acclaim in literary circles, if not the financial independence she sought. Guiney’s choice of subjects was informed by her Catholic beliefs, her admiration for Jesuits, and her visits in the 1890s to Ireland and then England, where she returned to spend the last twenty years of her life. This retrospective exhibit focuses on her relationships with Catholic religious leaders, fellow writers, and publishers in Boston.

Timekeeping Books Tour, Andover Mass

WE ARE POSTPONING THIS EVENT! Join us for a special tour of Bob Frishman's collection of clocks and books about clocks at his home. Bob Frishman and his wife, Jeanne Schinto, are new members, and they have kindly offered to host a meeting and discuss Bob's library of nearly 700 books on clocks, watches, and the overall subject of horology. Attendees not only may view these volumes but also can examine several important antique clocks in their century-old Andover home. Some rare books are included, and these will be highlighted and displayed during Bob’s presentation to us.

Bob has repaired, collected, and sold vintage timepieces since 1980; professionally and full-time since 1992 when he founded Bell-Time Clocks. As Chairman of the Time Symposium Committee of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, he organizes the group’s annual education conferences at such world-class institutions as the Winterthur Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, and the Henry Ford Museum. He lectures frequently on horology and has published more than 100 related articles. Details about him are at, where directions to the Andover venue are on the Contact page. Society members with long memories will recall that Bob spoke at our Collector’s Roundtable in November, 2012, at the book fair in Boston.


Talk by Robert Grandchamp, winner of the first George and Anna Eliot Ticknor Book and Book Culture Collecting Prize

Saturday, May 2nd at 11:30AM, New England Historic Genealogical Society in the Education Center, 99 - 101 Newbury St., Boston, MA 02116

Robert Grandchamp, who is the winner of the Ticknor Society's first George and Anna Eliot Ticknor Collecting Prize, will share how he started his Civil War collection, pursued it, and how that pursuit changed his life in his Ticknor Prizewinner Presentation, "Collecting a Regiment. He has been collecting items related to the Civil War since he was fifteen, with a special focus on the Seventh Rhode Island Volunteers. Robert earned his MA in American History from Rhode Island College. He is the award-winning author of fifteen books and many articles on Rhode Island military history. In 2007, he won the Stillwell Prize for collecting from the Providence based John Russell Bartlett Society. He is a former National Park Ranger and for the last ten years has been a senior analyst with the Federal government. Robert resides with his wife Elizabeth and their children in historic Jericho Center, Vermont.