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Marie Oedel and Cheryl Mariolis discuss Anna Ticknor and The Society to Encourage Studies at Home--Part 2!

Wednesday, April 24, 6:00 pm, Boston Public Library, Copley Plaza

Please join us as Marie Oedel and Cheryl Mariolis present new information about Anna Ticknor and The Society to Encourage Studies at Home.

Marie Oedel has been transcribing 118 letters dated from 1862-1896 from Anna Eliot Ticknor and her mother, Anna Ticknor, to Mrs. Lyell in England. They include Anna's thoughts and opinions about a variety of topics. Here are two short excerpts from Anna's letters:

9 Park Street, Boston
Dec. 24. 1867:

Dearest Mrs. Lyell,
...I am pretty well except a cold in my head & tonight Mamma & I are going to hear Dickens read his Christmas Carol, I am curious to hear him, but as I do not have the general enthusiasm about his writings & did not like him personally when he was first here, I do not expect to be carried away by his reading. He has done much good in the world, no doubt, by advocating reforms while at the same time he furnished amusement & excitement - to a great part of the generation he has written for, but his kind of fun & his styles of mind do not affect me at all as they do almost everybody I know... Anna Eliot Ticknor

9 Park Street, Boston
Aug. 9, 1868
...I was quite interested in a short review of a new translation of the Psalms, by four friends, and used my privilege as a citizen of Boston by asking, as one may do, to have it bought for the Public Library, so I hope I shall see it soon. It was a bold idea to furnish printed blanks at the Library, to anyone who uses the other privileges thereby they may ask for any book they please, old or new, in any language, of any price & if there is no serious objection it will be procured in the shortest possible time, but the bold idea has worked well & it is very rare that it is necessary to refuse the application. Of course people are ashamed to ask for poor books over their own signature, and it works well to have part of the money of the Library applied in this way, for these books are sure to be wanted by some one, whereas it may happen that books ordered by the trustees might stand a long while unused... Anna Eliot Ticknor

Annual Meeting and Elections at Trinity Church, Copley Square, 6PM

Join us for our Annual Meeting and Elections, featuring a talk by Sherlock Holmes expert Burt Wolder on "Making Memories that Last: the Life of Conan Doyle." Keynote Burt is a member of the Baker Street Irregulars and co-host of the weekly podcast "I Hear Sherlock Everywhere."

A day-trip to visit to Edward Gorey's House in Yarmouthport on Cape Cape.

Saturday, May 18th

Our day trip to Edward Gorey's house will include a guided tour of the house, including this year's featured exhibition, "Hippity Wippity-Edward Gorey and the Language of Nonsense". Please email Shannon Struble HERE if you would like to arrange for carpooling.